Geelong reverse mortgage lenders

Unlock equity in your home – let us connect you with a reverse mortgage lender.

A reverse mortgage, or equity access loan, gives you access to the equity in your home so can improve your lifestyle – help a relative buy a home or even enjoy a dream holiday.

How does a reverse mortgage work? A reverse mortgage allows seniors to access the equity trapped in their homes in a lump sum, regular payments or both, with the lender registering a mortgage against the home.

The homeowner can choose not to make repayments on the mortgage and generally the outstanding loan is repaid when the house is sold, transferred to another owner or is passed to the estate of the last surviving borrower.

Konnect Financial Services is experienced in working with reverse mortgage lenders to secure funds for senior homeowners. We can also work in consultation with your financial advisor to help ascertain either a reverse mortgage is the right solution for your circumstances.

Our network of professionals provides you with access to financial planning, superannuation advice and accounting. Advice from a finance expert will help you enjoy your twilight years and fulfill your dreams.

To find out more about reverse mortgages, please contact us to arrange a time to discuss your options.