Monthly Archive: August 2020

Why do you need a mortgage broker in Geelong?

August 10 2020

Whether your a first-home buyer, looking to upgrade or even refinance your Geelong home, Konnect Financial’s team of savvy mortgage brokers can provide you with expert home loan solutions that are tailored to fit your situation.

As the middle man between property buyers and lenders, we assist clients by identifying the most suitable option, whilst avoiding often unnoticed risks along the way. Our professionalism makes us the best, and in our current economical climate, having the best is what is needed.

Konnect Financial offer clients unmatched expertise and convenience when approaching this often daunting process, as well as many valuable advantages, including:

  • Helping you to determine what you can and can’t afford to borrow. 
  • We understand your specific property needs and goals and guide you to fulfilling them.
  • We coach you through every step of the home buying process from the application to settlement. We liaise with all stakeholders and ensure every step is done to the highest quality.
  • All the stress and anxiety is taken away when in the hands of a professional and experienced mortgage broker.
  • We speed up your application process and offer you results 2-3 days faster than going direct.
  • We provide you a solution that works for you and that will help you manage your mortgage effectively long into the future.

Mortgage brokers have a wealth of industry experience that ensures you get the service that will leave you in the most favourable position you can be in.

Konnect Financial offers competitive interest rates, expert-advise, and a friendly service that you will struggle to find elsewhere. We have connections to the nation’s largest banks and leading lender institutions, helping to provide you with the option that suits you best.

Contact us on (03) 5243 3799 and talk to one of our expert professionals to learn more about our mortgage services. Konnect Financial’s services are cost-free and come with no obligations. Make an appointment today!