Look no further than Konnect Financial for your home loan in Geelong

15 July 2021

In Geelong and searching for a team that you can trust with your finances? Then look no further than the team at Konnect Financial for assistance with your home loan in Geelong.

For over 15 years, the team at Konnect Financial has been industry leaders in finding Geelong home loans for clients from hundreds of options by leading Australian lenders.

The team’s experienced Geelong home loan finance brokers continue to work with customers to establish their plans now and into the future in delivering a service that is unique to your circumstances.

The team at Konnect have experience in assisting in many different branches of the home loan sector including

  • Refinance home loans
  • Fixed interest home loans
  • Construction loans
  • Variable-rate loans
  • Lo-doc home loans
  • Bridging home loans

Showing that the Konnect team is willing to go that extra mile for you is a free self-drive removal van that is a part of any home loan deal through the team, making owning a home and moving in and out as safe and sound as it should be.

You will struggle to find a team in Geelong and the surrounding areas that can provide such a seamless and easy service that is by no way as daunting as it sounds. Through step-by-step instructions based on your home loan, packages can be tailored to suit your needs based on your current financial situation and your goals in decreasing your debts in the shortest time possible.

Home loans can be easy and achievable through the Konnect Financial team, and with it being so accessible and easy to get a loan in the Geelong region, it’s absolutely a no-brainer as to who to trust for your home loan needs in Geelong.

Call the team today for services that cost you nothing and are obligation-free. There is no charge for appointments, processing applications, or on settlement of your home loan so what are you waiting for!

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