The value of professional property conveyancing in Geelong

31 January 2022

Professional property conveyancing in Geelong provides peace of mind during the complex process of buying or selling real estate.

It’s a field rich with terminology, paperwork, legal documents and stress. And a licensed conveyancer will guide you through the process, handle the legalities calmly and answer your questions. They’ll have your back and make sure the sale or purchase goes smoothly.

Put simply, they are a vital asset to have in your corner. Conveyancers are experts when it comes to handling real estate transfers between parties. They’re licensed and specifically trained for their role. They also provide valuable advice about the legal side of property transactions.

So when do you call in a conveyancer? Well, they can play an important role before, during and after the property changes hands.

Protecting your rights

Professional conveyancers will:

  • Prepare or check the Section 32 statement, which contains vital details about the property’s title. This information can include details about covenants, easements, mortgages, zoning and more;
  • Deal with the legal work of buying or selling property. They’ll handle necessary searches, prepare transfer and settlement documents and more. If you’re buying, your conveyancer will carefully review all documents including contract of sale for you. If you’re selling, they’ll prepare the vendor disclosure statement and sale contract.
  • Ensure you meet the necessary legal obligations that come with your property transaction;
  • Coordinate the process for you with the parties concerned and handle communication;
  • And give you peace of mind that you’ve got an expert looking after your rights during this complex process.

At Konnect Financial Services, we’re happy to play a part in helping real estate transfers run smoothly. Because we’ve teamed with a property conveyancing business, our clients can rest assured their property settlements are in capable, professional hands.

That’s good news all round. We get to help our clients. And our clients get expert property conveyancing in Geelong from licensed professionals in the industry.

We want to ensure your rights are protected. We want you well armed with quality advice so you feel confident about the property transfer.

For assistance with property conveyancing Geelong clients can contact Konnect Financial Services on (03) 5243 3799 to get the ball rolling.

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