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Home loan refinancing in Geelong

May 18 2022

One of the smartest moves you can make in Geelong is home loan refinancing. Although, it can be a bit complicated, having to look at numbers, trends, and all kinds of other deals from different financial institutions.

Having a home loan can be a big responsibility, but also a big opportunity. You want to make sure that you make all the right moves in order to save you money on interest repayments, fees, and charges. With Konnect Financial Services, we can help and advise you with home loan refinancing in Geelong. We’ll evaluate your current situation and look at the best possible steps that you can take next. And all of this is for free.

There a lot of reasons and benefits to refinancing your home loan. Here are a few:

  • Getting a better deal with lower interest rates
  • Getting a fixed rate home loan
  • Being able to consolidate debts, such as personal loans, credit cards, or car loans with your home loan
  • Getting a higher value for your home, whether you haven’t used all of it or you’ve renovated your home
  • Freeing equity to invest in property, shares, or other opportunities
  • Getting a better loan to suit your needs, such as one with flexible repayments, split loans , the ability to choose your repayment frequency, and more

Konnect Financial Services is your one stop financial solutions shop. We offer a wide range of loans and deals from banks and lenders that we can compare and choose from for your needs. This will save you a lot of time and money.

Established in 2006, Konnect Financial Services are experienced finance brokers with a proud history of providing clients with excellent financial services and loans that cater to their specific needs. We’ve got expertise and great knowledge on hundreds of loan products that will surely help you take care and grow your finances. Whether it be a loan for a new car, a home, property investments, insurances, superannuation, or financial planning, our friendly and reliable brokers can help. Contact us today.

Home loan refinancing Geelong