Loans Geelong & Torquay

A comprehensive range of loans from Australia’s leading lenders.

Looking for loans in Geelong or Torquay? Whether it’s a home loan, a car loan, or equipment finance for your business, the process of finding the right loan can be stressful and confusing.

But not for our clients! Konnect Financial Services professional finance brokers scour Australia looking for the best loan products for our clients. Based in Geelong, we also service the Surf Coast including Torquay.

Our goal is to provide you with amazing service and help you secure the best possible loan for your circumstances. We approach each of our client’s stories and goals individually to figure out what approach best suits their needs.

Since our inception, we’ve helped thousands of Geelong residents find loans that got them into their dream home, helped kickstart their business or allowed them to secure their investment.

Your success is our priority

It’s all good and well for us to find you a loan that’s right for your current circumstances, but we’re not simply interested in having a transactional relationship with our clients. We want to help you find a loan that will allow you to reach your future goals as well, we want to help you put everything you need into place to achieve financial freedom.

Whatever type of loan you need, whether you’re a first home buyer, or looking to invest and need a home loan, looking to refinance, or need a commercial property loan, we have cost-effective loans with the features you need to suit your circumstances.

Not sure how much you can borrow, or what your repayments will be?  It’s best to make an appointment with a finance broker to get more comprehensive information about lending criteria.

We provide a full suite of other financial services including insuranceaccounting, and conveyancing.

Home Loans

Hundreds of home loan options from Australia’s leading lenders. Konnect Financial Services are industry leaders in finding Geelong and Torquay home loans for our clients from hundreds of options by leading Australian lenders. Our experienced home loan finance brokers will work with you to establish your priorities – now and in the future – and…

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Property Investment Loans

Geelong investment property loans for astute buyers looking to add to their investment portfolio. Investment property loans give you the opportunity to build wealth for the future by purchasing properties that offer capital gains, rental income potential and taxation advantages. Konnect Financial Services has access to a wide range of investment property home loans allowing…

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Construction Loans

Construction loans stagger payments over each stage of your new home build. Construction loans give you the flexibility to draw down on the loan in stages, so you can make payments to your builder as needed. If you’re an owner-builder you can pay contractors as your home is being built. Konnect Financial Services can source…

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Lo-Doc Loans

Lo-doc loans offer flexible finance options for self-employed people. Owning your own home is a great Australian dream and we believe in giving everyone the opportunity to achieve this. We know how hard self-employed people work, so why should they be disadvantaged when it comes to applying for a home loan? If you’re self-employed and…

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Bridging Loans

Bridge the gap between buying a new property and selling your home. Konnect Financial Services assists home buyers with the transition from their old home to a new property with the help of bridging finance. Bridging loans allow people to purchase a new property before the sale of their old home has settled, by providing…

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Refinance your home loan and save money. Konnect Financial Services can help you grow a healthier financial future by refinancing your mortgage and giving you the choice of hundreds of loan products. Our finance brokers understand that homeowners choose to refinance their mortgage for many reasons, including freeing equity in your home in order to:…

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Personal Loans

Personal loans for cars, holidays, renovations or to consolidate debt. Personal loans allow individuals the freedom to purchase things they need and enjoy the things they love. If you need a new car but can’t afford one, want to renovate your house or consolidate debt, a personal loan will give you time to pay back…

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Commercial Property Loans

Borrow up to 75 per cent of the value of a commercial property with a commercial property loan. Konnect Financial Services is a commercially accredited finance broker specialising in helping commercial property investors and owner occupiers with commercial mortgage loans. Our experienced commercial brokers have access to more than 15 of Australia’s leading commercial lenders,…

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Vehicle Loans, Finance & Equipment Finance

Geelong car loans and equipment finance to help you achieve your business and personal goals. Konnect Financial Services help people in Geelong find car loans that suit their needs, and allow them to get their ideal car without going over their budget. Equipment finance is also the smart way to acquire the equipment you need…

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Loan Products

Konnect Financial Services will find the best loan product for you. There are thousands of different home loan products on the market today, all with their own rates, fees and benefits for the customer. Konnect Financial Services sifts through all of these options and uses our extensive expertise to identify which loan best suits your…

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