Lo-doc loans Geelong

Lo-doc loans offer flexible finance options for self-employed people.

Owning your own home is a great Australian dream and we believe in giving everyone the opportunity to achieve this. We know how hard self-employed people work, so why should they be disadvantaged when it comes to applying for a home loan?

If you’re self-employed and find it difficult to provide all of the documentation needed to secure regular finance – a low-document loan (also known as lo-doc loans) may be your best option.

Konnect Financial Services has access to a range of lo-doc loans from a variety of lenders – including low-doc loans with a standard variable rate, fixed rate or a low-doc line of credit loan.

As well as low-doc home loans, there are also low-doc construction loans and finance available allowing self-employed people to begin a property investment portfolio.

We will assess your goals, repayment capability and business position before coming up with a range of options that are right for you. Why only speak to only one lender when you can talk to Konnect Financial Services and gain access to hundreds of loan options from a range of banks and financial institutions across Australia?

As well as lo-doc loans for self-employed workers, our mortgage brokers also source Geelong investment property loansconstruction loans and bridging loans.

Explore your borrowing and repayment options by contacting us to make an appointment to meet a Geelong finance professional.

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