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Car loans Geelong drivers can afford

March 30 2015 The Federal Government's axing of import tariffs in January for a variety of imported cars dropped vehicle prices in Australia but, unfortunately, without the help of car loans Geelong motorists have discovered the cost a new car is still beyond the reachContinue

The finance broker Geelong residents see after hours

February 23 2015 Investing time and energy into your business or career comes with obvious rewards but that time investment also come with its own complications. The work-life balance is hard enough from a family perspective but add other elements such as timeContinue

Comprehensive range of loans in Geelong

January 30 2015 Konnect Financial Services is proud to provide a comprehensive variety of loans in Geelong and surrounding areas. Our loans come from lenders around the country, allowing us enormous flexibility to provide clients with the exact loan they need for theirContinue

Geelong co-owned property FAQs

December 23 2014 If you're looking to enter the property market in Geelong, doing it with someone else or others can make the process more affordable and even more enjoyable. We can certainly help source co-ownership loans for you, but before you diveContinue

Wealth creation – what is your path?

November 18 2014 Have you thought about how you will generate enough wealth to have a comfortable future and one day enjoy your retirement? Maybe even have enough left over to give your children an inheritance? Buying an investment property is an effectiveContinue

Choosing the right home loan

October 20 2014 Choosing a home loan that's right for you isn't easy, especially if you've never done it before and you don't know what you're looking for. It doesn't make it any easier when bank managers start using terminology you've never heardContinue

Home loans for future generations

September 30 2014 Do you plan on helping your children financially? Part of the great Australian dream is owning your own home. With property and house prices sky-rocketing, have you ever stopped to wonder how your children will be able to afford buyingContinue

What is a reverse mortgage?

March 14 2014 A reverse mortgage is an option available for seniors over a particular age (generally 60 years plus) who own their own home. It allows them to access the equity in their home in the form of cash, whether it isContinue

Interest rates – to fix or not to fix?

November 5 2013 The decision to fix a home loan or keep it variable is very difficult for some. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and need to be considered carefully. Interest rates are at historical lows and fixed rates remain lower thanContinue

Mortgage advice from qualified professionals

September 28 2013 Choosing a mortgage is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make because it can have a long-term impact on your family’s quality of life. (more…)