My initial belief was that mortgage brokers would push you to go with their preferred lenders whether it was a good choice for you or not…That was until we met Adam from Konnect Financial Services.

Adam was brilliant, he listened to what we wanted and needed from our home loan and never pushed any particular bank on to us. He helped us choose the lender that had the most suitable product and was best suited to our individual financial needs.

We felt confident working with Adam as our friends had used him previously and had highly recommended him. We found Adam to be honest and reliable, he did exactly what he told us he would do. he followed up with emails and phone calls through out the process and worked around our busy schedules.

Adam didn’t just help us to find the perfect home loan, he took care of all the paper work right up to settlement and provided us with education on how to manage our finances. With Adam’s help, we now have a budget in place and a clear plan for paying our home loan off sooner!

Our new lender has also been a big surprise, we were thrilled with their service after calling them to set up some accounts. The customer service person we spoke with explained things thoroughly and was willing to wait on the line whilst we checked our accounts online.

I can highly recommend our Mortgage Broker – Adam Chalmers to anyone who is looking for great advice, great service and an all round genuine person.

J . HamiltonBannockburn, Vic

As we were first home buyers, we were unsure where to start with the whole process, until a family member recommended we speak with Adam at Konnect Financial Services. Adam was highly recommended so we had no hesitation in arranging a meeting with him.

We found Adam to be honest and upfront, he gave us loads of advice and information which ultimately helped us with our purchasing decision to buy land and construct a new home.

Adam helped us every step of the way and we are so glad for the introduction. What once was a dream has now become a reality, we now have a beautiful new home that we’re very proud of!

But, Adam’s services didn’t stop there. Once construction was complete and we had moved into our new home, he arranged to catch up and make some final adjustments to our home loan, assist us in setting up a budget and a plan to pay off our home loan sooner…the best decision ever!

If you are a first home buyer like we were, we highly recommend you speak with Adam Chalmers at Konnect Financial Services. He will get you into the home you want without fuss. He will walk you through the whole process and make your dream come true.

Adrian & BrookeMount Duneed, Vic

After Dealing with my bank for many years and not satisfied that I was receiving a competitive interest rate and home loan product, I decided to seek the advice of a mortgage broker. Adam at Konnect Financial Services was highly recommended to me by a friend who had been blown away by the service he had received.

I decided to contact Adam, as I believe in word of mouth from a trusted source and after speaking with him realised that there was no need to speak with anyone else. Adam was prompt with his replies, answered all my questions professionally and tailored the perfect home loan package to suit my needs.

I now have recommended Adam to a couple of friends and when talking to family and friends I let them know that its worth reviewing your home loan as there can potentially be huge savings in finding the right package, as was the case with my own situation. I am now saving a few thousand dollars a year which is potentially tens of thousands over the life of the loan.

On top of all this it didn’t cost anything to make an appointment with Adam and get that second opinion. Adam managed to get me a much lower interest rate than what my existing bank could offer and I cant thank him enough!

Matthew BaldwinHamlyn Heights Vic

For the past 15 years, I have been loyal to my bank and was excited to organise finance for my investment property. To my surprise and annoyance, my application was rejected!

I new I could afford the repayments and did not want to miss out on this opportunity. I was thinking about going to another bank. A friend of mine recommended Adam from Konnect Financial Services and I’m so thankful for the introduction.

Adam arranged to meet me at a convenient time for me! We discussed my situation… He was very thorough in his assessment of my personal & financial requirements and was able to suggest some options.

I had never dealt with a broker before, but felt confident in dealing with Adam from our initial meeting. Adam took care of all the paperwork and had my application underway in no time.

Much to my amazement he was able to have my loan approved with the very bank I was knocked back by. It was at that point I knew I was dealing with an expert who knows the Industry. Best of all it did not cost me a thing!

Getting the investment property has meant the world to me and I cant thank Adam enough for all his hard work and expert advice. I have recommended his service to many of my colleges  and will definitely be back for my next property transaction.

Steve HiderWaurn Ponds, Geelong

From the very beginning I was a firm believer of using the major banks and that brokers were privately employed by the borrowers to gain loans and that their fees would be huge.

What a misconception that was… to my amazement the cost to the customer is nothing and in fact they are paid by the banks for what some may call a finder’s fee.

I live a busy work/family lifestyle and don’t have time to drop my work to run into the banks and spend my afternoon waiting to be seen, and only to potentially hear that they won’t lend me the money I need to secure a loan. Once perhaps, but never again.

Adam Chalmers of Konnect Financial Services met me in my own home after hours and was very polite and professional; he provided a hassle-free detailed borrowing capacity and a list of the banks most likely to cater to my individual circumstances. Try getting this from the major banks…

When I first started using Konnect Financial Services I thought that I could only use them to secure the loan, but I now know that I can use them for virtually everything loan-related. If I want to change my loan from variable to fixed, or refinance, or even ask a question about my loan that I don’t quite understand, they are always there to help and guide me in making the best decisions based on my situation.

Aside from everything I have mentioned above, one of the main things I love about Adam is the fact that he walked me through the loan documents and explained them page-for-page, answering all my questions before I signed. I find this service alone to be second to none, he took the fear and pressure out of those confusing loan documents.

I have been using Adam now for years and highly recommend him, I have recommended Adam to all my friends and family. As a result most of my friends and family now also use Adam and have been able to see the true value of his service.

If you are considering finance I highly recommend just giving Adam at Konnect Financial Services a call, it’s completely free and you have no obligation once engaging his services, what have you got to lose?

Aaron and Nicole BaileyBell Post Hill

Prior to meeting with Adam we were quite anxious about using a broker. We’d had a negative experience about nine years earlier when we were buying our first house, and ended up with a loan product that didn’t suit us at all, and ended up costing us a lot of money. One of my closest friends highly recommended Adam, so we thought we would give it a go, while being fully prepared to say “been there done that” and end up dealing directly with the bank.

After metering with Adam, discussing what our requirements were, what we needed a loan to do for us in terms of flexibility, and listening to his responses and the options he was able to present to us, we knew that we would be making a bad choice not to work with him to secure the best loan possible.

We were in a slightly different situation to some. We had a small deposit saved, bust as we didn’t want to use mortgage insurance and were lucky enough to have parents who gave us permission to utilise the equity in their home to secure our loan, we needed a loan that would cater for this, whilst still offering us flexibility in terms of fixing a portion of the loan’s interest rate, doing interest only payments on the fixed amount, but principal and interest on the variable amount.

Adam was able to offer us a really good product, but it didn’t stop there. Once out house is finally built and we have moved in, and our loan product is finalised (currently construction), Adam also offered to sit with us and do a financial plan for the next five years to ensure we are utilising our money the best way possible. My husband and I both liked the idea of a more familiar and intimate relationship with a broker, one who can assist us not only in the short term, but also the longer term. It was these two factors that made our decision to go with Adam easy.

Prior to meeting Adam, we really thought our initial experience with a broker was what they would all be like – ignoring what we are asking for, treating us in a really condescending manner as if we knew nothing, not really considering our complete financial situation and leaving us with a loan product that was useless for us. Thankfully, this was not the case.

Our perception has changed in relation to using a broker service. We now know that our first experience was with a terrible broker, and that this doesn’t represent brokers as a whole. Brokers are extremely helpful, and are able to identify the best possible loan product for an individual situation, regardless of bank and I am confident in saying we would not have been able to secure our loan product without Adam.

Adam has been the opposite of our initial experience. He has been kind, patient, takes time to explain things to us, has considered our entire financial situation, always prompt, and his perseverance has amazed me. All of these factors have led to us having great faith in Adam as our broker. Our path to securing the loan has been met with a number of various “bumps” in the road, but not once did Adam give us the impression that it was “too hard” and persevered until a solution was found.

The biggest benefits of working with Adam have been that we are now in the process of building our dream house. We were only able to do this due to Adam’s expertise in managing our situation (using our parents’ equity to secure loan) and sourcing an appropriate loan that suits our family and needs.

We are feeling very confident going forward as we now feel well-supported by Adam, and will certainly use his services to undertake financial planning once we are in our new home.

We found Adam to be professional, knowledgeable, persistent, patient and understanding. Adam’s knowledge of the lending and financial world, his patient and understanding manner in obtaining your current financial position and ability to source an appropriate loan is second to none.

Chelsea and Andrew HartArmstrong Creek, Geelong