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How to choose good finance brokers in Torquay

July 4 2022 When looking for finance brokers Torquay clients need someone who has extensive knowledge in the area, the relevant economy, and a wide selection of mortgage products. You also want someone who is skilled and experienced in building financial plans orContinue

Choosing home loans in Geelong

June 5 2022 Other than deciding on the type of home that you want or how you want it to look, one of the most important things to think about is how to pay for it. At Konnect Financial Services, we know howContinue

Home loan refinancing in Geelong

May 18 2022 With Konnect Financial Services, we can help and advise you with home loan refinancing in Geelong. We'll evaluate your current situation and look at the best possible steps that you can take next. And all of this is for free. OneContinue

Leading finance brokers for Torquay clients

April 29 2022 By using our experienced finance brokers Torquay clients can rest assured they're getting loans that are a great fit for their circumstances. If you're buying a house - probably the most expensive purchase in your lifetime - that's what youContinue

The value of professional equipment finance services in Geelong

March 24 2022 If you want to update capital assets at your business without impacting cash flow, then equipment finance in Geelong is a strong option. At Konnect Financial Services, we've seen businesses go from strength to strength after securing new assets includingContinue

When it’s time to refinance your mortgage in Geelong

February 26 2022 Before you decide to refinance your mortgage in Geelong, you need to do your research. What are the reasons behind your desire to refinance? Are there better deals around? And will you end up ahead financially in the long run?Continue

The value of professional property conveyancing in Geelong

January 31 2022 Professional property conveyancing in Geelong provides peace of mind during the complex process of buying or selling real estate. It's a field rich with terminology, paperwork, legal documents and stress. And a licensed conveyancer will guide you through the process,Continue

Secure premium home loans in Geelong

December 17 2021 An experienced mortgage broker is a great asset when it comes to securing quality home loans in Geelong. As home loans experts, they know the leading lenders well and have a strong grasp on available products. Their deep knowledge ofContinue

Why clients trust the Konnect Financial team for loans in Torquay

November 29 2021 Konnect Financial Services is proud to source loans for Torquay clients that are a custom fit for their circumstances. Our team is driven to find the quality product that allows them to achieve their financial goal without putting them underContinue

House and contents insurance for your Torquay home

October 26 2021 When it comes to house and contents insurance, Torquay homeowners should ensure they have a quality policy in place. It's important to research your insurance options thoroughly. You want to make sure your assets - building and possessions - areContinue