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Five points to consider with Geelong car loans

August 30 2019 If you are about to start trawling through Geelong car loans for the best deal, there are many factors to consider before making a final selection. Here are five things we think you should think about carefully before signing onContinue

Using equipment finance to help build your Geelong business

July 27 2019 You need good equipment to start a new business. Whether it's vehicles, telecommunications, software or tools, the business staples necessary to get your startup off the ground are costly when you're trying to find your feet. That's where equipment financeContinue

The personal loans helping Geelong locals get a leg up

May 29 2019 Sometimes your bank balance just doesn't give you enough room to achieve what you want in Geelong without the help of a personal loan. Do you need a car but don't have the funds to afford it outright? Are youContinue

Finding the right vehicle insurance in Geelong

April 28 2019 When it comes to selecting quality vehicle insurance Geelong residents should know that it's not a case of "one size fits all". Instead, it's a matter of finding a quality policy that best meets your specific needs and circumstances. AndContinue

Finding the best home loans in Geelong

March 31 2019 When you buy a house, you want one that meets your needs. After all, it's a massive outlay of money and it is important to make the right choice. The same holds true when you're on the hunt for theContinue

Benefits of refinancing your home in Geelong

February 28 2019 Do you want to improve your financial situation, but don't know where to start? At Konnect Financial Services, our experienced brokers can help you improve your cash flow and decrease your debt level this year with careful refinancing of yourContinue

Protect your Geelong assets with house and contents insurance

December 27 2018 Having Geelong house and contents insurance is vital in today's busy world. We all work so hard for our possessions, so it's important that we protect them. And with most people's wealth tied up in their homes, furniture and otherContinue

Great time for first home buyers’ loans in Geelong

November 30 2018 Geelong's current housing market presents many exciting opportunities for people looking to make their first move into the world of real estate. Just drive around Armstrong Creek, Fyansford and Lara and you'll see plenty of houses taking shape in newContinue

First home owners loans make dreams a reality

October 31 2018 In recent years many young people and potential first home owners have been reluctant to take out loans to enter the real estate market due to booming prices. But there are changes afoot, with a cooler market providing opportunities forContinue

Turn to the personal loans experts in Geelong

August 31 2018 If you want to kick start the new financial year with a new car, boat or overseas holiday, Geelong personal loans might be the way to go. Perhaps long-service leave is approaching and you have your sights set on aContinue