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Refinance your mortgage in Geelong with our expert assistance

March 2 2021 Professional finance brokers can help you get the best deal when you refinance your mortgage in Geelong. In fact, the experience and industry knowledge mortgage brokers can bring to the table has the potential to shave thousands of dollars offContinue

The value of obtaining a suitable home loan in Torquay

February 25 2021 The Surf Coast is a beautiful stretch of coastline so it's no wonder people are after a home loan in Torquay so they can enjoy a piece of paradise. With interest rates at record lows, people are keen to enterContinue

Contact our mortgage brokers in Geelong for expert help

January 27 2021 An experienced mortgage broker in Geelong can bring a wealth of knowledge to the table when you're on the hunt for a quality loan. And when a home loan term is spread over years, that industry knowledge can save youContinue

How to find a home loan in Geelong that works perfectly for you

December 11 2020 Finding the right home loan in Geelong can be daunting. The sheer scale of loan products out there to wade through is enough to lift your stress levels. And that's before you delve into questions about repayments, special features andContinue

What is a Land and Construction Loan and can I get one in Geelong?

November 24 2020 Land and Construction loans in Geelong refer to the types of loans that allow you to make gradual payments to your builder, aligning with each stage of the construction schedule from the initial purchase of the land to the completionContinue

Need to fund your Geelong home renovation? We can help you take out a loan!

October 26 2020 Renovating a house is an exciting yet often daunting experience to take on, and there are many elements to consider before jumping straight in, the biggest being how you going to finance it. This is where the Konnect Financial teamContinue

The Value of a Debt Consolidation Loan Geelong

September 1 2020 We at Konnect Financial provide our Geelong clients competitive and high-quality debt consolidation loans that offer a wide range of financial benefits. Our industry expertise and years of experience enable us to make smart and educated moves, that leave youContinue

Why do you need a mortgage broker in Geelong?

August 10 2020 Whether your a first-home buyer, looking to upgrade or even refinance your Geelong home, Konnect Financial’s team of savvy mortgage brokers can provide you with expert home loan solutions that are tailored to fit your situation. As the middle manContinue

The finance broker in Geelong helping people save money on their home loans

July 15 2020 Konnect Finacial Service's finance brokers in Geelong are dedicated to helping our clients save as much money as possible on their home loans. And, given the current economic situation, it has never been more important to ensure you’re getting aContinue

Home loan information for Geelong residents: What is a Mortgage Offset Account?

May 12 2020 Konnect Financial Services help a range of people with their home loans in Geelong, our job is top help our clients get the best loan for them, and then help them to save and acquire as much wealth as possible.Continue