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Turn to the personal loans experts in Geelong

August 31 2018

If you want to kick start the new financial year with a new car, boat or overseas holiday, Geelong personal loans might be the way to go.

Perhaps long-service leave is approaching and you have your sights set on a one-month luxury cruise with your partner. Maybe you want to pack up the family, buy a caravan and head off around Australia for a half a year. Do you have your eye on a dream car that you’ve been coveting for ages? Or is it time to tackle a home renovation project that’s been waiting in the wings for a long time?

The bottom line is all these things cost money – money you haven’t necessarily got in your bank account. So turn to Konnect Financial Services’ experienced team of finance brokers and let us hunt through the range of personal loans to find one that best fits your circumstances.

Whatever your budget, our brokers can assist in helping you tick off your goals. It’s all about assisting you to sail off on your holiday, remodel your kitchen or drive off in your new vehicle – without putting yourself under an unsustainable financial burden.

When it comes to personal loans Geelong people can trust our team to uncover finance that is competitive for both interest rates and fees. The wrong choice can cost you dearly in the long run and our experts can help you avoid potential pitfalls.

Whether you need $4000 or $40,000, personal loans are a popular choice for people across Australia. While vehicles, holidays and home renovations are common reasons for such loans, they can also be valuable tools to consolidate debt, pay off credit cards and even help fund a wedding.

For personal loans Geelong people can rest assured that the experienced brokers at Konnect Financial Services are here to help. We provide reliable, affordable and trustworthy finance to people across the region who are looking to expand their horizons and live their dreams. Please contact us today to make an appointment with a member of our friendly team.

Our Geelong car and equipment loans tailored for your business

June 29 2018

When you run a business, quality equipment plays a crucial role in its success.

From cars and trucks to computers and telecommunications equipment, it is important it works efficiently, is up to date and can handle the demands of the job. While top-line vehicles and equipment can be expensive, Konnect Financial Services’s Geelong car loans and equipment finance can help you get what you want without having to decimate your savings.

Our experienced brokers are experts in the loans industry and will work with you to find the right loan, serving up the equipment or vehicle you need while leaving your cash flow intact.

So what do you need to make your business run smoothly and grow? Do you need to replace old, unreliable plant from your earthmoving equipment fleet after years of hard service? Is your telecommunications system not meeting your needs? Are you seeking the latest high-tech training equipment for the new gym you want open? Or does your trusty ute, that’s ferried you to building sites for years, need to pensioned off and replaced?

Whatever your Geelong car loans and equipment finance needs, Konnect Financial Services has you covered. We have access to more than 20 leading lenders that specialise in the fields of personal and commercial vehicle and equipment loans and will work with you to find the best fit for your circumstances.

The list of items people seek out loans for is endless. It ranges from bulldozers and office furniture, to medical equipment and boom sprays. While that list is long, our range of equipment finance products is lengthy too and includes rental/operating leases, hire purchases and finance leases.

So rather than outlay a substantial amount of money up front to buy the “tools” – be they vehicles, computers or furniture – to build your business, talk to us about how our finance options can achieve your goal without hitting your savings.

For more information about car loans in Geelong and equipment finance, contact our friendly team at Konnect Financial Services today.

Don’t overstrech with first home buyers home loans

March 31 2018

While buying a home for the first time is exciting, selecting the right product among a raft of first buyers home loans can be a confusing experience without an expert to guide you.

And one of the most important decisions you have to make during that hunt for the best loan is how much money you should borrow.

At Konnect Financial Services, we believe a bit of caution is a good thing. Borrowing to your maximum limit can set you up for a stressful journey if your circumstances change down the track.

Interest rates, while currently low, won’t necessarily stay that way. What happens if they rise over the next few years? Will you still have the capacity to meet your repayments without severe financial stress?

What about if there is a change in your circumstances such as job loss, expanding family or sickness? Will you be able to cope with the amount of debt you have taken on?

Konnect Financial Services’ experienced team has helped many people find suitable first home buyers home loans. We have a passion for matching people, who about to dip their toe into the real estate market for the first time, to find a loan that suits their budget, needs and lifestyle.

New research by unohomeloans.com.au, an online mortgage service, has found that over half of people hunt for loans at 90 per cent or more of their maximum borrowing capacity. And financial experts are cautioning people not to overstretch themselves when it comes to borrowing, urging them to instead follow a more conservative path where mortgage repayments stay at about 30 per cent of your income.

If you are worried about your borrowing capacity and related issues, talk to our brokers for professional advice and assistance. We can help you navigate your way through the range of first home buyers home loans until you find the product you want.

For more information, please contact us at Konnect Financial Services.

Talk to our experts about Geelong loan refinancing

February 28 2018

With Christmas a distant memory and summer fading from view, it’s a good time to be talking about debt consolidation and Geelong loan refinancing.

There are plenty of great reasons why people choose to refinance. Perhaps you need to access equity in your home to carry out long-overdue renovations for a growing family. Or your car is on its last legs and you need a new one right away. Maybe you desperately want an overseas holiday. Or do you want to use refinancing as a valuable tool to consolidate your debts?

Whatever your situation, Konnect Financial Services can help you get the most out of Geelong loan refinancing, helping you to find the best deal while avoiding potential pitfalls. In many cases home owners can refinance without increasing their current repayments.

Our finance brokers have wide experience in guiding people through the at times confusing world of refinancing. There are so many loan options available from quality lenders that it’s no wonder people get bewildered by the choice and details. With our brokers assisting, we can do the leg work for you, strip away the stress and find you a deal that achieves your aim and saves you money.

Konnect Financial Services director Adam Chalmers posted a story on facebook recently about a couple’s journey to fund their much needed home renovations. It’s an account that includes not much joy from their bank, an interesting tip from their neighbour that pointed them in Adam’s direction, and a successful ending. And that’s what we like at Konnect Financial Services – quality solutions for our clients.

Adam, an expert in assisting home owners to access funds for their renovations, has produced a great free guide on achieving home renovations without adding to your monthly budget.

So book in a time to chat to our finance brokers and see how we can help. We will talk to you about your needs and investigate ways to save you money in areas including fees and interest repayment by consolidating your various loans –  think personal, car and credit card loans – into the best available home loan.

If you want to explore the benefits of Geelong loan refinancing, please contact us at Konnect Financial Services today to book an appointment.

Tips for avoiding home loans pitfalls in Geelong region

January 31 2018

Taking out a home loan is often the biggest financial decision people can make in their lifetime so it pays to avoid common pitfalls when making your decision.

When it comes to home loans Geelong people can benefit from expert advice from specialist brokers such as the experienced team at Konnect Financial Services.

We pride ourselves in sourcing the best possible loans to help people achieve the home of their dreams. It’s about tailoring the right loan to the right person so it fits comfortably with their lifestyle, their needs and their financial situation.

But without the support of a home loans expert, it’s easy to make a mistake and end up with a loan that costs you more money than it should.

Common mistakes include –

  • Not doing your financial homework early enough. Too many people find their perfect piece of property without knowing their borrowing capacity, which takes into account factors including credit rating and earning capacity. You should also research whether you meet the criteria for the First Home Owner Grant.
  • Not using a professional mortgage broker, who can help you fully understand the best deals available when it comes to home loans. It’s all about shopping around among lenders to find a mortgage structure that suits you and that can take patience and experience.
  • Choosing a home loan on one factor – such as its interest rate – without examining the ongoing fees and other costs you will have to pay.
  • Underestimating all the costs that come with buying a property, such as stamp duty, solicitor’s fees and building inspection fees. People also often fail to comprehend the cost it takes to maintain a property once bought.
  • Forgetting to review your current home loan to check whether it remains competitive in the current market place.
  • And over committing yourself when it comes to repayments. Experts suggest people commit about 30 per cent of their income to mortgage repayments. You do not want to stress your finances so far that you can’t deal with any other financial situations that confront  you.

At Konnect Financial Services, we are here to help you navigate a smooth path through the home loans jungle until you are turning the key in your new front door.

For quality home loans Geelong region people can trust our experienced team to offer great advice and great mortgage options. Please contact us to book an appointment.

Homebuyers tips from our Geelong home loans specialists

September 27 2017

When you take out a Geelong home loan, it’s important that your new house isn’t hiding any nasty, expensive surprises that will add serious stress to managing your mortgage.

And that means it’s wise to do your real-estate homework carefully before you purchase. Investing in a professional building inspection to check over the property before you put in a bid can save you thousands of dollars. In fact, the results of an inspection might stop you even raising your hand at auction because you know the property’s got all the hall marks of a money pit.

At Konnect Financial Services, we’ve a passion for matching people to the right Geelong home loans. We recognise that being forewarned about hidden surprises means prospective home owners can make sensible financial decisions based on correct information when seeking a loan. And we reckon organising a building inspection before you purchase is a great tip for home buyers and real-estate investors.

Simply following that one tip could save you from the severe financial stress of juggling a massive and unexpected repair bill and mortgage repayments after your home’s hidden problems surface.

The Association of Building Consultants strongly encourages people to have a clear understanding of their potential purchase’s condition before buying. A key part of that understanding includes a reasonable estimate for potential repairs, which will have an impact on the size of the mortgage and its management.

Don’t be fooled by a home’s slick makeover that can hide evidence of cracks, leaks, pest damage and even structural issues. The association says a building inspection, complete with written report, helps uncover potential problems so you know whether investing in the property is a sound decision.

For example, if the property you’re keen on has ceiling and wall cracks, this could mean there’s movement in the footings. Bubbles and warping in plaster can be a clue that you have a problem with moisture or a leak while a musty smell in the air could mean a serious salt damp issue.

You can see more advice from the Association of Building Consultants on our Facebook page in the post titled Prevent a Nasty Property Surprise. It’s well worth a read.

Konnect Financial Services has been helping people access Geelong home loans for years. Once you’ve found a home that ticks all your boxes, including its condition and potential repairs, contact us to get the loans process started.

Our Geelong home loans team welcomes regional grant boost

July 29 2017

The recent doubling of the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) in regional Victoria is welcome news, so talk to our Geelong home loans specialists to see whether you will qualify for the $20,000.

With competition for houses and land high and prices still rising, the July 1 grant increase is a helpful boost for people wanting to make the move from renting to ownership in regional Victoria. The FHOG, however, remains at $10,000 for first-home owners wanting to build or buy in Melbourne.

At Konnect Financial Services, we know it is a battle for many to buy their own home. We’ve helped people on the coast and across the region source and secure excellent Geelong home loans to turn their home-ownership dream into a reality. Matching each client to the right loan for their circumstances is our passion and we are here to help.

The FHOG increase for new homes built in Victoria’s regional areas will make the task of achieving home ownership that little bit easier for many people.

The grant, which has increased from $10,000 to $20,000, applies to new homes valued up to $750,000 that have contracts signed between the start of this month to June 30, 2020.

The property can’t be for investment purposes or for use by you and your family as a holiday house. Successful applicants must meet a range of other important FHOG eligibility criteria as well.

With all the costs that come with buying or building a house, the grant boost will make the path smoother for people to achieve their first home. Under the grant, the term ‘new home’ includes:

  • Houses that have just been built;
  • House and land packages;
  • An empty block that you will build a new home on;
  • A property that’s being sold for the first time as a new residence;

So do you qualify for this regional Victoria grant boost? How do you apply for the grant? Are there any exemptions if you fall just outside some of the criteria? And what sort of home loan is best to help you to morph from a keen house hunter into an official first-home owner?

Konnect Financial Services has the expertise and experience to make navigating the home loans industry and the FHOG scheme an easier process. We can sit down with you to discuss your potential eligibility for the grant, and tailor a home loan that fits comfortably with your goals, lifestyle and financial situation.

We are industry leaders in finding Geelong home loans for our clients from hundreds of great options by premier Australian lenders. So use our knowledge to make the exciting step of owning your first home easier.

Please contact us for assistance with information and eligibility on the FHOG scheme and home loans in general.

Your home loans experts in Geelong

February 27 2017

Rather than navigate the confusing world of home loans by yourself, why not turn to the Geelong experts in this field for quality assistance?

At Konnect Financial Services we are committed to helping people get a home loan that is beautifully tailored to their circumstances and provides a comfortable fit. It’s about ensuring your choice works for you now and will continue to do so over the life of the loan. It’s about matching it to your needs and goals. And it’s about making the mortgage happen as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

When we’re approached by clients looking for home loans, they’re often amazed at the wide range of leading Australian lenders we can help them select products from. We have access to many products from many lenders and we work with our clients to find the perfect option for them.

Buying or building a house is an exciting time. Whether it’s the first time you’ve dipped your toe into the real estate market or you’re a seasoned campaigner, the gloss doesn’t wear off. It’s all about new beginnings and opportunities. But it’s also possibly the biggest financial investment you’ll make in your life, making it imperative that the home loans Geelong clients select are the right ones for them.

Our team at Konnect Financial Services can help with a comprehensive range of loans products including:

  • Variable rate home loans, which are common among people buying their first home. These loans often have a lower rate at the beginning of the loan’s term before moving to a variable rate, which fluctuates up and down according to the market, after a fixed time.
  • Fixed-interest home loans, where the interest rate is unchanged during the life of the loan.
  • Lo-doc home loans, which provide quality options for self-employed people and can come in fixed rate and standard variable rate forms. Our brokers can help clients source a low-document line of credit too.
  • Construction loans, giving people the ability to draw down on the loan when they need to make scheduled payments to the builder creating their dream home.
  • Bridging home loans, providing finance for clients wanting to buy a new home before the sale of their old home reaches settlement.
  • And refinance home loans, giving clients a stronger and brighter financial future through careful and considered restructure.

For home loans Geelong clients can rely on for a great fit, contact us at Konnect Financial Services and book an appointment.

Personal loans help Geelong romantics treat their Valentine

January 28 2017

If you want to delight your Valentine with an extra special surprise on February 14, it’s worth turning to our personal loans specialists in Geelong to help make it happen.

At Konnect Financial Services, we delight in helping Geelong romantics find the best finance options so they can spread the love by purchasing the perfect gift. Whether it’s a diamond engagement ring, a fishing dinghy or a dream holiday for two to Vietnam or the Maldives, our expert finance brokers will work with you to take the headache out of sourcing personal loans.

Strong relationships make the world go round. While you handle the personal relationship with your loved one, leave us to use our strong links with leading Australian lenders to open doors to many great loan products for you.

Rather than bogging yourself down in the homework of finding personal loans Geelong people can feel confident our team will uncover a product that suits your financial situation and circumstances. After we’ve found the best deal for you and you’re fully informed, we’ll also help you make an application.

There are so many personal loan options out there including fixed and variable interest loans. Perhaps you want a loan for one year, or maybe five years would be a better fit. Do you want to borrow $50,000 or just $5000? And what payment rates are involved? We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure the option you choose is the right one for you.

Then it’s up to you to set the scene and get romantic. You’ve got more than a fortnight to script your proposal or hunt up the passports, so start planning and make this Valentine’s Day a date to remember with happiness forever.

When it comes to personal loans Geelong romantics know they can rely on Konnect Financial Services to help make their Valentine’s Day memorable. Please contact us if you want expert assistance in finding a personal loan so you can surprise your loved one on February 14.

Sourcing Geelong home loans a top start to 2017

December 21 2016

If your New Year’s resolution is to build your dream home, now is the time to talk to our Geelong home loans specialists.

Once the decision’s made, the house plans are debated and the location’s discussed, reality sets in for those with their mind set on construction. How do you lay the foundations for your castle, and we’re not talking about a slab here. We’re talking financial foundations.

Before you get cold feet and soaring stress levels, take a deep breath and turn to Konnect Financial Services for help. This is our area of expertise and we’ve helped many people find Geelong home loans that comfortably fit their lifestyle, goals and budget. And we take great pride in knowing we’ve played a key role in helping people’s dreams become a reality of timber, brick, concrete and happiness.

With so many different types of Geelong home loans on offer – think construction loans, variable rate loans and fixed interest loans – it can be a confusing path to navigate to find the perfect one.

What factors do you look for? Which lender is superior? What size deposit will you need? How much can you borrow? How long can you take to pay it off? And can someone please explain the loan terminology because it’s like a foreign language

At Konnect Financial Services, this is our world of expertise. So use our knowledge and let us do the research for you. We’ll listen to your needs and aspirations and then, with a careful mind on your financial circumstances, uncover a loan that works for you.

Whether this is your first time round the block of home ownership or you’re an experienced owner-builder, we can smooth the process for you. We can also support you right the way through the entire loans journey, offering assistance well beyond your settlement date.

So get cracking, because this is one New Year’s resolution that will make such a positive difference to your life. Please contact us at Konnect Financial Services, start 2017 off on an exciting path with quality Geelong home loans and watch your castle take shape.